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Topic: Chapter 7 discusses Neutralization Theory, which suggests those who violate the law develop justifications for their behavior. This theory has been used to explain mental attitudes of various types of law violations: those committed by juveniles, those who commit white collar-crime, and some who commit sexually based offenses.

For this discussion, examine how the techniques of neutralization may apply to another act, which is not considered criminal, but deviant cheating in the academic environment. Be sure to read the section of textbook that outlines Neutralization Theory, Techniques of Neutralization, and Testing Neutralization Theory to formulate your stance in answering the discussion question below.
Answer the following questions.
1) Which technique of neutralization best explains why students may cheat in an academic setting and why?
2) The text discusses the debate about whether neutralizations are developed before the offense or after the act has occurred. What do you think does a student who cheats develop the neutralization before or after the act?