Similar to the approach you might have used in Essay 1, imagine the  authors of your chosen advertisement planning the video in a meeting  room. 

What do you think this conversation might have looked like?  Why do you think the members of this company/organization made the specific choices they did? Do you think they were correct? Incorrect?  

Why or why not?

Again similar to questions you might have used previously, identify  both the tangible and intangible item you believe is being sold in this  advertisement. If you’re working with a shoe ad, for instance, we  know that the author likely wants to sell more shoes, but what feeling  is being implicitly promised? And how is it being promised? In  addition, do you think this kind of communication is ethical or  unethical? Why or why not?

 Consider the abilities of a video advertisement, as opposed to another  form (such as a billboard, a radio ad, etc.). What potential might a  video possess compared to these other mediums? that limits? Why do you think the authors of the ad chose to invest in a video as opposed  to something else? What was gained or lost?  

 Imagine you’ve been hired to assess the advertising campaign for  whatever company or group authored your video. What would you say about the choices they’ve made in the ad? Would you try and convince them to shoot something else, or move in a different direction? Target a different audience, or double-down on the same one? Why or why  not?

Watch the ad scene-by-scene, pausing every few seconds to assess the ways in which images are working (color, spacing, line, lighting, etc.).   

What do you notice? What choices can you tell the authors took their  time with? What were clearly conscious decisions? And why do you think these were made? What’s working about them? What’s not?