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. What does Ms. Doe need to do immediately for food and clothing?

 Provide client with guidance on how to apply for financial resources. 

. What steps do you take as a Case Manager to assist the client with obtaining the necessary documentation for the family, i.e., B.C., SS Cards, and health records? 


. How can Ms. Doe receive a TB test? Where can she go for a Police Clearance? Are these  services available to her for free? 

 How might you link client to a mental health provider for counseling support services for  her and teen? 

. Provide Ms. Doe with info re: option on what to do regarding the CPO. 

What services can you suggest to Ms. Doe for the children, specifically her 16-year-old? 8. What follow-up is necessary with DSS in MD regarding client’s open CPS case?