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What ethnographic content is most compelling?

Imagine that you are the publicist for this book and it is your job to write a convincing ad campaign for this book. The central objective is to express the value of this book for understanding Latin America more generally. You will create an advertisement (Power Point slide, Word Doc, or even video) in which you sell the book to potential readers by describing what you found to be its most compelling contents.

You are free to compose the advertisement how you like, but your advertisement needs to include sections that address the following: Why is this book essential reading for those who want to understand Latin American/Caribbean culture? What ethnographic content is most compelling?

Include a few lines from the sections (at least 2) that you feel provide the most tantalizing ethnographic data (quotes from an informant or the authors description of an interaction, for example) What are the authors main arguments? What is so compelling about these claims? Feel free to include other information you feel is essential to sell this book! You can embed googled images of Trinidad or of the populations discussed in the book if you like (not required Here is the book you need to advertise  3804770.pdf