Describe what is going on in the case as it relates to the identified major problem

 What are (only) the key points the reader needs to know in order to understand how you will solve the case?

 Summarize the scenario in your own words; do not simply regurgitate the case. Briefly describe the organization, setting, situation, who is involved, who decides what, etc.

Specifically identify the major and secondary problems.

 What are the real issues?

 What are the differences? 

Can secondary issues become major problems?

 Present analysis of the causes and effects. Fully explain your reasoning.

Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify the strengths and weaknesses that exist in relation to the major problem

. Again, your focus should be in describing what the organization is capable and not capable of doing with respect to addressing the major problem.

 Thus, the identified strengths and weaknesses should include those at the managerial level of the problem.

Alternatives and Recommended Solution with Evaluation Methodology
Describe the two to three alternative solutions you came up with.

 What feasible strategies would you recommend?

What are the pros and cons? 

State what should be done, why, how and by whom? Be specific.