What if your field supervisor, a male, asks you, a female, to get him a cup of coffee while you are getting client files? How would you feel? Can you respectfully seek respect? What would you say? Take a moment to think about what you would say, and how you would say it. Or what if staff at your practicum site gossip about a certain dreaded client? “He always comes in here with a chip on his shoulder. He should stop playing the victim and start taking responsibility. He expects to get his kids back without doing any of the work, and he’s continually playing the race card, acting like that’s why he lost custody.” How do you feel reading these words? Do you want to rush to the client’s defense? Do you feel there might be some truth in these words, and feel guilty for thinking so? Being culturally humble means seeking a respectful partnership with your colleagues as well as your clients. Imagine, again, what you might say. Can you acknowledge everyone’s reality at the same time? Which of the three responses below is the best demonstration of cultural humility, and why?