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Answer each of the fourteen questions in one to two sentences in YOUR OWN WORDS.


Specific Instructions on Part 2: – Write ONE Comparative Essay


First identify the art artist, title, date, and STYLE of both works of art.


Then, write an essay that compares and contrasts these works of art using the art history terminology to describe the visual. Be sure to consider a comparison of function, meaning, form, and socio-historical context. Do not simply list details but EXPLAIN WHY these details are significant. You may consider the following prompt questions:


What are the subjects/narratives portrayed?

How are they similar/different?

Are these works representative of a style or two different styles?

Were these works exhibited? If so, how were they received by the public?

What insights do these works provide into their respective cultures?

How do these objects represent gender, class, or race?

How might these objects contribute to the history of depicting nudes in the history of art?

Remember, do not simply write one paragraph on one work and a separate paragraph on the other. Instead, try to identify a thesis (if time allows) and write a paragraph (or more) comparing and contrasting elements from each painting.