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What is culture? What role or function does it serve in society?

I.      As you read Chapter 2, Culture and Society (from the class textbook), please answer the following questions: Avoid single line answers, elaborate, define, describe, and give examples. Worth 7 points   ·    

   What is culture? What role or function does it serve in society?           ·       What are cultural universals? describe three examples.             ·       What are values and what is their function in social organization?             ·       What are norms? What would you say is the function of norms (what purpose do they serve)?           ·       Describe three norms that we practice in America and in what context they take place             ·       What is ethnocentrism?             ·       Describe Cultural relativism and explain why the concept may be problematic for some people to exercise/justify?                  

  II.     Putting it all together. After watching the Contestant No. 2 documentary, and reading chapter 3 of the textbook, answer the following questions: This whole section should total about 150 words, it is worth 3 points  

·       Thinking about your own society, what norms, values, taboos, or prohibitions have an impact on your life choices and outcomes? Are these based on cultural universals or unique to your group? IIn what ways have they shaped you or affected you? In what institutional settings do they take place (i.e. religion, family, mass media, social media, work, government)?            ·       Why is it important for sociologists to understand and study culture in the context of human organization?