Psychological Measurements Chapter 6 Writing Items
1. What are the guidelines for writing test items according to DeVellis, (2016)?
2. What is dichotomous and polytomous format for test items? Explain the Likert Format. What are some advantages and disadvantages of the Likert Format?
3. Discuss three problems with writing multiple choice items according to DiSantis et al. (2015).
4. What are the functions of Checklists and Q-Sorts with respect to testing/assessments?
5. What is (test) Item analysis? Why must one consider (test) item difficulty and item discriminability?
Psychological Measurements Chapter 7 Test Administration
Use your textbook to answer these questions in a scholarly manner. Notice that this is a 30 point assignment. That means that short answers or one-sentence answers will not work. You are expected to elaborate.
1. Explain Steeles Stereotype concept. Discuss how it may influence test performance for Blacks and women.
2. What is the Rosenthal effect and how might it impact academic performance of students?
3. Discuss three problems with creating a culture-fair test.