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What is Mill’s argument for the difference in value

between intellectual and sensual pleasures?


 Which of the following is an example of act utilitarian reasoning and which is an example of rule utilitarian reasoning? Explain your answers.

a. If I do not go to the meeting, then others will not

go either. If that happens, then there would not

be a quorum for the important vote, which would

be bad. Thus, I ought to go to the meeting.

b. If doctors generally lied to their patients about

their diagnoses, then patients would lose trust

in their doctors. Because that would be bad,

I should tell this patient the truth.

c. We ought to keep our promises because it is a

valuable practice.

d. If I cheat here, I will be more likely to cheat elsewhere. No one would trust me then. So I should

not cheat on this test.