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For this course, you will be writing a persuasive research paper about one of your passions, either within your career path or outside of your career. Your purpose is to become an expert on this topic and to communicate that expertise about a passion project for you in that area. Ultimately, you will demonstrate why this passion project is important and you will reflect on its value.

Your first step is to think about an area that interests and motivates you. This should be something you enjoy. If you do not already know what that is, or if you need more clarity, you will want to ask yourself some questions.

Here are a few questions that you can apply to your academic, professional, and/or personal interests:

What motivates me?
What is something I have always been curious about or wanted to try?
What do I find myself doing or thinking about doing when I have free time?
What did I used to play at or dream about doing when I was a child?
What is a personal goal I would like to achieve?
What is my greatest career goal? What would be the next step to achieve it?
What do I spend time reading about or researching?
What do I love to talk about with my family and friends?
What are the things that have made me feel most energized and excited?
What skills do I enjoy building?
Once you have a focus, describe it. Tell what it is, what you like about it, and why it is something that you value.