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Write a literary analysis about a work (or comparing two works) we have covered in class. The literary analysis essay MUST have an academic, argumentative thesis sentence. The thesis should state a claim and reasons why (evidence).
TWO reputable, scholarly, literary criticism, secondary sources.
MLA in text citations and Works Cited page (primary and secondary sources)
Avoid plot summary, statements of opinion, or general reporting of facts.
Consider applying literary terms or examining themes, writing styles, or time periods.
Refer to:
the Literary Analysis PowerPoint (and links within)
the online textbook Creating Literary Analysis, section 1.6-1.10
Chapter 42: Writing About Literature in Literature an Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Writing
Things to remember:
Titles of short works go in quotation marks: story, poem, article titles.
Titles of long works go in italics: play, book, journal, database titles.
To cite a poem in text: If you quote more than one line,/Put a slash to show where/Line breaks occur (3-6). Cite the LINE NUMBER(s).
To cite a prose play in text, like Glass Menagerie, cite page numbers.
To cite a poetic play in text, like Midsummer Nights Dream, cite Act.Scene.line: (I.2.126).
Write a literary analysis wherein you discuss the concept of dreams in Glass Menagerie. Write an argument about whether theWingfield familys dreams (especially Tom) represent the American experience. Why might Williams have been interested in depicting American dreams this way? What is the effect of social class on the familys dreams? What is the effect of dreams unfulfilled? You may wish to apply concepts from Hughes poem, Harlem.