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Blood/Sacrifice for Atonement
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Anchoring them from four key texts. Primary OT Text-where the them is introduced, Anchor OT Text-where is your theme developed?. The NT text-what, if any, is the eschatological thrust of your theme? which verse best show the progression of your theme through scriiptures. I can mention other passages that relate to the theme but try to focus on the four texts. what is the eschatological thrust of my theme? Do one of the passages talk about the future restoration or consummation of you theme.
My theme texts : 1# OT Exodus 12:1-7, Exodus 12:6-7, Leviticus 22:18-25 2# OT Exodus 12-:18-14
Key verses in the NT 1 Corinthian 5:7 and 1 Peter