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Sales for the Australian trading company Rooney Enterprises Ltd. during the last financial year (2008) amounted


to $3.5 million. The company has a 5-year contract to provide the plastic studs that are screwed into the bottom of


football boots to all government primary schools in Australia.


The direct costs of Rooney Enterprises Ltd. operations were $2.5 million and other operating expenses totalled


$700,000. In addition, the company also earned Australian sourced interest income from investments of $45,000


and incurred interest expenses on borrowings of $30,000.


Dividends paid to shareholders in the 2008 financial year (arising from profits earned in financial years prior to


the 2008 year) totalled $87,000. There is also a loan of $395,000 currently owing to the bank as at the end of the


2008 financial year. The company tax rate is 30%. a


(i) Calculate the tax liability of Rooney Enterprises Ltd. for the 2008 financial year.


(ii) Briefly justify the financial transactions listed above that you have not included in


your calculation of the 2008 tax liability of Rooney Enterprises Ltd. (Students should write


no more than 100 words for this part of the question).






b What is the maximum amount of fully franked dividends that the company could pay


from its 2008 financial year net income? 2022 latest answers


c What would be the amount of imputation credits associated with the maximum dividend


payment possible in part b) of this question?