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Lab Part 1 Questions (/15)

1A. What is the name of the gene you are studying? (/1)

1B. What is the function of your gene (biochemical activity of the protein in the model organism? (/2) 

1C. What mutant phenotypes occur in mutants of your gene? i.e. when the gene is non- functional or there is no protein product, what is the effect at the cellular and organismal level (if known). (/3)

1D. Is the gene pro- or anti-longevity? Provide the citation for one paper that describes this effect (access to this information is available if you selected “More Details” in the GenAge database). (/3)

1E. What is the scientific name for your model organism? (/1)

1F. What are some characteristics of this organism, including its lifespan? (/2)

1G. Why is it useful to study aging in this system? (/3)