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What is the nature of the change (e.g., policy, procedure, new
skill, behavior)?

Is the issue significant? For all stakeholders or just one group?

Is a national policy, guideline, or standard the focus of the
change? Is it a mandate with which the agency must be in

Is the change simple or complex? Will different stakeholders
perceive its simplicity or complexity differently?

Do you foresee major problems associated with change, such as
an increase in errors or resistance on the part of a group?

Will it be possible to address these major problems?

Are there vested interestswho is likely to gain from the
change, who will view the change as a loss (e.g., of power)?

Are there opinion leaders who will promote the change? Do
you anticipate strong opposition?

Have you observed a gap between public statements and
private actions (e.g., a colleague agrees to serve on a committee
but never shows up or participates in the committee’s work)?

Are there resource implications? What are the costs (e.g.,
staffing, materials, lost revenue)?