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As we continue to discuss specific statutes, lets discuss the FELONY MURDER statute here in Florida ( or whatever state is home for you). Research the felony murder law. Are ALL felonies included? What is the practical effect of this statute? Research and discuss what the legislative intent of this type of law is. (Basically, WHY do we have this type of law what is its intended purpose?)
Find a case study ( current event article or facts) where the Felony Murder statute applied to someone that was not the main culprit to a murder. Summarize the facts and then persuade the class ( using your supported opinion) whether the outcome of the case based on the Felony Murder charge served a valuable good to society or not.
Additionally, after considering the Felony Murder statute, what is your opinion as to whether drivers who drive drunk and kill in the process should be charged with premeditated first degree murder? Justify your position.