. An object’s weight is less on the moon than on Earth. On the moon, the object’s mass

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Stays the same

d) Depends on the moons orbit


. What is the weight, on Earth, of an object with a mass of 70 kg?

a) 70 kg

b) 7 kg

c) 700 kg

d) 70 grams

8. The weight of an object is

a) Always changing

b) never changing

c) increasing the farther it is from the Earth’s surface

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Task 2 Week 3 3

d) decreasing as it gets closer to the center of the Earth


 Force due to pull of gravity is called

a) Weight

b) Force

c) Mass

d) Tension


 Triple beam balance or calibrated electronic balance is used to measure

a) Mass

b) Time

c) Weight

d) Acceleration