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Writing a reserach proposal, it should include the following:
2. abstract
3. Background or introduction section provides a descriiption of the basic facts and importance of the research area What is your research area, the motivation of research, and how important is it for the industry practice/knowledge advancement?
4. Problem statement provides a clear and concise descriiption of the issues that need to be addressed What is the specific problem in that research area that you will address (e.g. lack of understanding of a subject, low performance )?
5. Objectives provide a list of goals (Theortical and practical) that will be achieved through the research to be done What are the benefits/impact (e.g. better understanding of an area of research, improved method, tools, etc ) that will be generated if the research problem is answered?
6. Preliminary literature review: provide a summary of previous related research on the research problem and their strength and weakness and a justification of your research What is known/what have been done by others? And, why your research is still necessary?
7. Research methodology defines the research methods and logic steps. This can be refined during the next stage (literartire review) What to do and how to solve the problem and achieve proposed objectives? Which research methods (e.g. survey, modeling, case study ) will be used? Attach a project schedule table, if necessary.
8 . References including all factual material that is not original with you must be accompanied by a reference to its source. Use APA guideline on reference and citation style.
Notes to be taken:
The research questions (most often 1) are formulated for a user test (controlled experiment, usability study), they should be different from questions of the attached literature review.
It should indicate relationships between variables. As for the research methodology, it is about the use of using design science research, action research, experiments usability tests.
The attached 15 steps document could be reference of how to do the research proposal.
Another document attached could be used as reference, for the structure of the proposal.
Before writing the research proposal I need initial writing for the title, hypothesis and the research question.
The research title, problem, question and hypothesizes should be related to the literature review attached.
I have uploaded all the documents that will be used as a reference to write the research proposal