Paper: The course Paper will summarize, for a country of your choice, the key issues in child OR womens healthNOT BOTH. Prepare a brief introduction to the country, provide general health statistics (a table will be fine), and THEN, try to describe: 1) a major health problem faced by children OR women (for example: malaria in <5s, neonatal sepsis, maternal hemorrhage, etc.); 2) the links between the problem and social/economic status; how culture influences trends in mortality and morbidity; and, 3) what kinds of interventions might be pursued to enhance the health of women or children in the your chosen country. You must provide practical and specific recommendations to address the key problem you have chosen (i.e. not system strengthening) . The paper will not exceed FIVE, double-spaced pages. Graphs, figures and tables are encouraged (but make your owndo not just lift from the net). Cover and reference pages are additional. If graphs, figures or tables are included, you can add a 6th page, but dont go overboard.
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