Before you begin creating a speech, it is important to determine who is your audience then decide upon your topic. Remember what we talked about in class: the audience is the first thing to consider when developing your speech.

When choosing a topic it is important to remember that the goal of this speech is to provide new information to your audience, to increase their understanding, convey knowledge, and/or educate your audience on a topic of your choosing.

Remember you are NOT taking a position or trying to convince your audience of anything. (That speech will come later.)

For this assignment, please provide the following:

What is your Topic, stated as specifically as possible.
What main points you are considering; this will be refined as your speech continues to develop.
Specifically, why should this audience care about your topic? Remember this is part of your introduction.I’m looking for what you will actually say to explain to the audience why your topic is (or should be) relevant to them. If you can say “everyone…” then it is a good start, but too general.
Your audience is your classmates.