Write a 4-5 page type written document that will be reviewed for content and readability. The content should be clear and accurate information. Readability will be reviewed for writing style, grammar and spelling.


Before writing your paper, please read two articles about private sector counseling for juveniles.

Private counselors regularly meet with juveniles to assist them with in many aspects of their lives. Write a 45 page, type written paper about what makes counseling juveniles different, unique and / or more challenging then interviewing adults.

– The paper should, at a minimum, describe five key areas that make counseling juveniles different, unique and / or more challenging. Please be clear about identifying the key areas you have picked. Add details why each area is unique.

End the paper with indicating if you were in private practice, would you like to counsel juveniles. Include why or why not you would be interested in counseling juveniles.

Have a:
– Title page
– On a separate final page, give the information about the two articles you read before writing the paper. Please include the information in end note/bibliography format.
– Document any information appropriately through foot notes, etc.