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Use the Frame Audit to help uncover less than successful frames  and faulty logic, as well as potentially reframe an issue in more  helpful ways. Given a situation and frame, do the following:

• Ask yourself: what matters most to whomever uses this  frame? What do they tend to talk about the most? Why?

• Also ask: given the frame we are using, how do others tend  to see/frame the same issue? What is it they consider that  we don’t consider?

• For the frame you are using, consider further:

o What issue(s) does the frame address most? Why?

o What boundaries do we put on the question?  

(Boundaries are what we include within the frame,  versus what we leave out.)

o What yardsticks (how we measure the question) and  reference points (key measurement benchmarks) do  

we use to measure success?

o What metaphors do we use in thinking about this  issue? Why?

o Why do we think about this question this way? What  training or experience frames the way we view the 


o What does the frame emphasize? Minimize? Why?

o Do other people in our profession think about this  question differently? How? Why? Are their frames  successful?