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What obstacles have women in American history encountered? How have they responded to or overcome those obstacles?
Paper details:
Required format and submission: double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1-inch margins all sides; submission via BBL Turnitin.com. Must cite sources for every statement, excepting common knowledge and your own analysis, using parenthetical references, for example: (DuBois, 200). No outside sources.

More about the paper: I would like you to answer question # 3 from the Learning Objectives of this syllabus (which really has 2 partsa and b) in 500-800 words: What obstacles have women in American history encountered? How have they responded to or overcome those obstacles? Additionally, I would like you to use at least 3 examples from the text and at least 3 from the primary source readings in the text or any supplemental readings I give you (you will choose from the ones given up to the date of the assignment; you may also use more than 3 if you wish–the more the better) to illustrate the obstacles women encountered and how they overcame those obstacles. You should supply a thesis in your first paragraph in conjunction with the question and your examples. Utilize the information in the text in chapters 10-12, which includes primary sources, and any supplemental readings I have given you, for the paper, to come up with your 3 examples of obstacles (the first part of question 3, or a). Then use the text (chapters 10-12) and any primary and supplemental readings to answer the 2nd part of question 3 (or b); also use 3 examples of ways they responded to or overcame those obstacles. You will, then, utilize 6 examples and use a total of 6 sources (just make sure that at least 3 of your 6 are from primary sources in the text; the other 3 can be from the text in the book).
You may also draw on previous chapters, if you like, to answer the question. I suggest, however, that you limit your paper to the last 3 chapters, so the paper isnt too broad.
You will end with a conclusion that restates the thesis, although differently. Good luck. You will be graded on whether or not you meet the requirements and how well you utilize the examples and argue them.

Your written work must be in your own words. Direct quotations should be used sparingly, and should be short. Any idea from one of your sources (in other words, an idea that is not your own original thought, or that is not the common knowledge) should be cited. This means that you are supposed to take information and concepts from your sources and then put these in your own words, as is appropriate for the point that you are making in your paper, draft, post, etc. You must cite your source for this paraphrased material, just as you do for a direct quotation.