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What percentage of the countrys population is Muslim?

In this unit, you will complete your research paper about the role of Islam in a specific country (the outline was completed in Unit II). You have already chosen a country in an area of the world of interest to you, and now you will write a research paper about Islam in that country. The research paper should cover the following subjects: 1. When and how did Islam come to this country? What percentage of the countrys population is Muslim? 2. Describe the treatment of minority religions (or treatment of Muslims if they are the minority). 3. Discuss education and the economic status of Muslims. 4. Identify the role of Islam in the government. 5. Discuss the role of women. 6. Describe Muslim family law. 7. Discuss Islamic extremism. If you were discussing the role of Islam in this country with a colleague, how might you differentiate facts from negative conceptions of Islam? The completed research paper should be at least three pages in length, and it must include at least four outside sources, two of which must come from the Waldorf Online Library. I have included my outline for the paper along with a few references in the outline.