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1. Discussion board: post two possible paper topics. They can be brief, and you can use this to ask your peers for ideas if you have one that isnt clear to you yet. (I like the poem by Jericho Brown, what do I want to write about it? Know another poem that fits with it?)
2. Response paper: Write to me about your idea. What argument do you want to make? What poems have you chosen to work with? Do you have any questions about the poems? The quote from Dungy?
3. Paper: This needs to be roughly 5 8 pages long, double-spaced and cited. You need to quote at least once from each source, and you need to cite that source according to MLA conventions. Make sure that your main point is clear in the introduction, and make sure to identify the poems and poets, and Dungy, in the introduction too. And make sure youre clear about why this idea is important? Why does it matter? For me, it matters that being *in* the place where we experience nature is where the poem needs to come from, because the place is what we need to preserve.