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What relevance does this film hold to the time it was released, and now?

Welcome to the academic critique assignment!Please pick one of the films from the Americana Comfort category (Pieces of April;Soul Food; Waitress; Chef) and analyze the film through a unique thesis statement.While I want you to have a sense of freedom in choosing what you want to write about,focus your thesis/argument to a specific area (dont try and cover too many ideas asyour paper will become cluttered).

Do not summarize the film and do not write froman opinion-based perspective (i.e. I think, I feel, etc.) as you will be marked downfor both).Think of the following as you write: What role does food play in the narrative (i.e. its importance)? What humanistic aspects can you draw from the film (cultural representations)? What relevance does this film hold to the time it was released, and now?

How are other academics discussing the film?  Paper Details: 1,200-1,500 (Please note that less description will not get you a stellar grade,as you will not even begin to scratch the surface of the text you choose todiscuss. Go above and beyond in your research and evaluation of the film.)Highlight your thesis statement. 5 Academic Sources (Find actual academic sources.not Wikipedia, IMDB,Blogs/Vlogs, Newspapers, etc.) The only newspaper sources I will allow arefrom Variety or The New York Times, but they have to be film reviews andyou can only use one.

Two articles can be from class readings. Bibliography (MLA, Double-Spaced, etc.) You do not need to annotate. You will automatically lose three points if the following formatting requirementsare not met:o 12-point font (Times New Roman)o Standard marginso Align left (not center)o Double spaced names and in between paragraph space (do not doublespace your name/class section/etc. as it wastes space) (I found some sources already, they probably aren’t relavent I did the assignment for points. I will link the academic sources checklist below)