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Internship Sales Project
Heres what I want you to do: Create a presentation that sells the idea of internships to someone else.
Heres how to do it: For this project, you will prepare a sales presentation using a newsletter or flyer-type presentation, a PowerPoint presentation, video, essay, or whatever method you wish to convince your audience of the importance of an internship. Be creative and add graphics to your presentation if you wish. The presentation should include all of the following information and each part should be about 200 words and in your own words. Do not copy and paste information into your slides; make the information useful and personal to you by using your own words.
-Part 1: Six (6) good reasons why you should complete an internship. Sell me on why an internship is so important. You may interview professors and/or staff on campus, research the internet, review the information in the readings and lecture for this lesson, and/or talk with employers to obtain your information. You may even include testimonials from previous interns if you wish. Your report should include details regarding why each reason is important.
-Part 2: Obstacles to doing an internship. Include a section regarding reasons why students might choose not to do an internship and how could they overcome those obstacles.
-Part 3: An explanation of how to find an internship. What resources are available and what suggestions do you have for landing a great internship? How would you tell another student to go about this process?
-Part 4: Make the presentation personal by adding relevant internship websites. Include 2-3 websites that list internships in which you are interested. Do not use Handshake for this portion of the assignment, rather research the internet for these websites. Tell your audience (me) how these websites are or will be useful to you in a career you are considering. Be specific in why this particular internship website will be useful for you. Remember to add the website addresses to your presentation.
-Part 5: Academic Credit. Add a section describing the process for getting academic credit for an internship at UVU. This information can be found on the Internship website under the Student Tab. Use your own words to describe the process of getting academic credit; do not copy and paste the information.
-Part 6: Making the Most of Your Internship. Describe what you can do to make the most of your internship experience. Address this question: Why is it important to put your best effort into an internship?
Make sure you include all of the above items in your sales report. You will be graded on the completeness of your report and the strength of your sales pitch. Submit your final project as Word, PDF, or Google Doc attachment or link. You may also submit your assignment as a YouTube video or PowerPoint.