For this assignment, you are to apply what you have learned throughout the term to global topics in psychology. You are to select one of the following options and complete it for your final project. Option 1: What is your worldview? Consider different societal/cultural factors that can influence a person’s worldview. Select themes present in the topics we have discussed this term and discuss how they might be considered in different ways when you bring in cultural and societal factors to the mix of topics. This can include gender identity, sexual orientation, and racial/ethnic identity which are all different layers of individual identity and cultural presentation. It is encouraged that you select specific themes and cultures from across the globe to best address each of these points. In your paper, include the following discussions: At the start of the course, what was your worldview? How has this course impacted your worldview? What theories presented in our course materials support these changes? (i.e. racial identity, gender identity, sexual identity, cultural identity, etc.)