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Description of the Work: 20 points
What does a day look like for this social worker?

Are all days the same?

What does a normal week look like?
Identify and describe the people or groups served by this agency.

What are the challenges that face this community including the human, social needs, or problems that clients have?

Discuss and describe all of the ways in which at least one client group’s identities (e.g.,

culture, race, sex, ability status, etc.) affects the delivery of services offered by this agency.
How does the social workers intersecting identities (e.g., culture, race, sex, ability status, etc.) impact how they serve their clients?

Ask for an example.
Discuss and describe any controversial issues involved with the delivery of services within this agency or by this social worker (For example, social and medical services to undocumented immigrants, social control versus social change roles) that affect how services are delivered to clients. Use the book to support your report.
Discuss and describe what effort this agency/social worker undertakes to bring about institutional change (Macro level work) in the field of social welfare.

Discuss and describe how someone in this agency/in the social workers role has an impact on a social policy at the local, state, or federal level.

What type of interventions does this social worker or agency use to serve their clients?

Identify and describe one intervention approach that is utilized by this agency.

Include the level of practice (micro, mezzo, and macro levels) and the target audience.

Your text will help in identifying various intervention approaches (make sure to cite the text when you reference these areas!).

What does the intervention involve and what are its intended outcomes?
Conclusion: Discuss and describe whether this is an agency or social work area you would like to be employed. (30 points)

Discuss YOUR values and goals as a professional as it relates to this agency/social worker. Please share your opinion here and take time to reflect and give an insightful answer.

How would your identity (i.e., race, gender, class, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, etc.) impact how you work in this area of social work or with the clients served by the social worker you interviewed?

Discuss and describe aspects of this agency and/or social worker that impressed you the most and why? Does it relate to topics we read or discussed in class?

Discuss and describe whether this agency serves the population you would like to work with when you become a social worker? Why or why not?