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 In “Professional Ethic, Duties, and Obligations,” on page 45 Coleman (attached) says that loyalty is not an “all or nothing concept” and that loyalty is a particularly problematic virtue. There are various reasons why some loyalties thrive and some falter. What problems and tensions related to loyalty might occur in this situation?

 According to Kelley’s Followership Model as discussed in “Dynamic Followership (attached): The Prerequisite for Effective Leadership,” how would you characterize Jack as a follower?

What type of leadership style, according to the Full-Range Leadership Model (attached), would you use to address this situation? Is this style different from your preferred leadership style? Explain.

 Using the Emelander reading as a reference (attached) to support your response to this question, what elements presented by the author might prove beneficial to handling this situation and why? “On the Job with Emotional Intelligence”


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