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Create visual tools in your presentation to showcase results of this quality improvement project to your potential audience
One tool MUST be a run chart
Remember to include all of the required elements of a run chart (Y-axis, X-axis, and median line)
Please do not include the mean, but rather, the median
Chart should be created from enough data so that any trends, shifts, or astronomical data points can be clearly identified
HINT! What part of the data provides enough data to provide information around run chart interpretations?
The other CQI tool of choice can be any diagram of the students choosing that has been reviewed this semester, but NOT an additional run chart
Process Flowcharts, Checklists, Cause-and-Effect Diagram, Frequency Chart, Pareto Diagram
Recommend one CQI philosophy or method that could have potentially improved implementation and acceptance of this quality improvement project and explain why these would be effective
For example: Lean Management System, Lean Six Sigma, 5S, etc.
Why would this philosophy/idea make a difference?
Anticipate, identify, and explain at least three implementation determinants that could or did negatively impact successful implementation of this QI project. Explain interventions that were done or should have been done to enhance the projects success.
Provide an explanation around why teamwork was necessary in this situation.
What was done to improve the team dynamic and team expectations?
What characteristics are essential for a team to be successful? Was this present in this project?
What could (or did) negatively impact team dynamics?
Conclude with explaining if the project was this project successful. Why or why not? *Use data provided to support claim
What should have been done differently in this scenario?
Can this project be expanded to other areas, facilities, or organizations? Why or why not?
References (Must include at least 5 professional references-remember, use APA format* for your citations)
Cite sources, quotes, and information appropriately. All presentations will undergo SimCheck review and any inappropriate, unprofessional use of material could result in a grade of zero and the student being reported to the Office of Student Integrity. See syllabus for further details.
*Presentation should be no more than 13 slides total
*Keep in mind the Presentation Tips provided, and avoid using paragraphs when possible.
**APA Format for references includes listing references in alphabetical order