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What was similar and what was different?

(CC1, CC4): Our discussion board assignment this week focuses on societys historical portrayal of females and how these expectations have shifted over the years. Sexism, race, culture, mental health, and social class are all factors that contribute to societys perception of female offenders. One source that emphasizes and perpetuates these perceptions of women and female offenders is the media.   As many are aware, there are many facets and layers to the psyche of an individual, whether they are male or female. That being said, there are various differences of note between male and female perpetrators/offenders. To begin, watch a movie or read a book where the female is the offender. Monster is a great movie example of a female serial killer. In a 3-4 page paper, address each of the following:

Summarize the plot and the role of the main character.  How is she portrayed in the film? Using terms and concepts from this weeks readings, discuss how the movie/books portrayal of the female offender aligned with the qualities mentioned in this weeks readings.  What was similar and what was different? Next, research and discuss the differences in how male and female offenders are perceived by society. Compare and contrast societys perceptions as well as how each is portrayed in the media. Provide specific examples to demonstrate your point. ( Requirements: Papers should be at least 3-4 pages APA (Links to an external site.) Formatting required A minimum of 2 scholarly references (in addition to your text) are required Rubric( PLEASE READ REBRIC ON FILE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY  Week 1 Female Offenders in the Media Week 1 Female Offenders in the Media Criteria Ratings