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  1. Who was the Cold War a rivalry between?
  2. What was the Cold War an ideological battle between?
  3. What was the special added bonus that made the tensions more worrisome?
  4. What did Churchill mean by an Iron Curtain in Europe?
  5. From the beginning, the United States had the advantage. Why?
  6. What was the first battleground of the Cold War?
  7. What was containment?
  8. What did the United States Marshall Plan do?
  9. What was the nuclear arms race?
  10. When did we get close to nuclear war?
  11. Besides Europe, what other regions of the world did the Cold War take place in?
  12. Why did Soviet socialism prove to not be a viable option to industrial capitalism?
  13. Who was the individual most likely responsible for the end of the Cold War? Why?