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What was the extent of damage, including data that overviews emergency response calls,

2020-22 Events Essay Please select a topic of your interest from the list of the Declared Disasters in the US in 2020-2022, according to FEMA.gov (link below). You will need to cite at least 3 credible references and explain this event in detail: 1.  How did this natural disaster occur and explain using knowledge from the course (this may be one of your cited sources)?

2.  What was the extent of damage, including data that overviews emergency response calls, medical reports, financial burdens, etc.? 3.  How does the human race prepare for such future events and overcome the challenge(s)? 4.  How it has affected you and your family personally (if applicable) and/or what have you learned from this event? PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR RESEARCH AND STATISTICAL DATA – CITE YOUR SOURCES WITHIN THE TEXT. You may use FEMA.gov as one resource and can find credible resources on Google Scholar, any news journal, .net or .org site. 

Please refrain from Wikipedia, .com, or blog sites as this information may not always be accurate.  These articles have not been peer-reviewed for accuracy. Your essay will need to include a cover page with a title (does not count towards the 3-5 pages), be 3-5 pages in length (12-pt font and double-spaced) and include a final Reference page that does not count towards your 3-5 pages. 

Please use APA formatting, especially when citing references, and I recommend Grammarly.com to help you proofread along the way. Please check out Tutor.com/TAMUC for a complimentary account and “Essay Drop-Off Review.”  Also, check out the TAMU-C Writing Center for more information on APA style formatting, as well as a resource for you before submitting your final essay:  Please CITE YOUR SOURCES WITHIN YOUR ESSAY when using direct quotes, statistics, or facts.  Use no more than two direct quotations in your essay; all other information should be paraphrased in your own words. 

Always spell-check and use correct grammar.  Grammarly.com is a great free resource to help with this! This essay is linked to Turnitin and will be checked for plagiarism.  Your essay will need to be in your own paraphrased words.  IF YOUR SCORE ABOVE 25% COPIED MATERIAL, POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED.  This assignment will count 20% of your total weighted average for your final grade. You may submit your essay directly by going to Activities>Assignments>2020-21 Events Essay>Add Attachment (upload your Word.doc here).