Paper details:
Take the Joe Bailey exercise. Please click here to begin the Joe Bailey exercise. Run through the scenario three times. (Each run through requires you to answer several questions to get to the end). On the first run through, select the answers that feel most right to you. On your second and third run through, try different answers to the questions along the way and observe what changes in the situation and final outcome.

Answer the questions below in a minimum two-page writeup, double-spaced.

What was the final outcome in your first run through? Was it an outcome you wanted? Why/Why not?
What do you think led to that outcome (of your first run through)?
What might you have done differently that could have changed the first outcome?
What did you try differently in your other run-throughs? Did they change the outcome in a way you wanted? Why/Why not?
What did you learn about what responses lead to what outcomes?
What did you learn about your own style of responding to conflict in this exercise?

Length of your paper should be at least 2-3 pages, single-spaced. Any titles or headings in your submission such as your name, name of the class, instructor or journal title are not considered part of the page requirements. Your assignment will be due by Saturday of this week, midnight. Remember to copy and paste the questions in your document and place your answers beneath.