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What was your play like during early and middle childhood?

Unit 2: Writing Assignment – The Play Years: The Social Construction of Gender Read the Maccoby article and the sections on gender

development in the textbook. Then thoughtfully answer the questions below. A single sentence is not enough. Use your answer to demonstrate your critical thinking and your ability to apply concepts from the course to ideas in the article. Support the statements you make with examples. Your answer should be 1-2 pages, single spaced, with one inch margins.

The purpose of this paper is for you to explore influences on children’s gender development, in general, and on your own gender development, in particular. Questions According to the text and to Maccoby, how do children develop a sense of their own gender?

Researchers have found that children’s behaviors are more sex-typed when they play with a child of the same sex than with a child of the other sex. What is some evidence of this in Maccoby’s article?

What does Maccoby suggest are important influences in the acquisition of gender-typed behavior?

What was your play like during early and middle childhood?

In your own experience, do you think your behavior was more sex-typed when you played with children of the same sex?

Why or why not? Consider the views on gender development presented in the text (biological, social and cognitive influences). Which view(s) do you think best explain(s) your own gender development? Why?

Maccoby, E. E. (2002). Gender and group process: A developmental perspective. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11, 55-58.

Grading Rubric: Description and analysis of Maccoby’s theory 0-12 points Description and evaluation of your own sex-typed play behavior 0-12 points Comparison and evaluation of views of gender development 0-12 points Mechanics (Organization. Grammar, flow of writing) Citations and references 0-10 points 0-4 points Total points 0-50 points