Individual paper: NUMMI(submission via Canvas as a PDF or Word document).Listen (or read the transcriipt) to This American Life, episode 561: NUMMI 2015, which can be found at the following link: upon relevant theories from lectures and readings, write a three to four-page analysis of the change efforts made at NUMMI and General Motors. You should clearly address the following questions in your analysis:What accounted for NUMMIs success? What kinds of changes were made at the plant, and how were these changes successfully implemented?What were some of the obstacles to organizational change at GM in terms of adopting NUMMI practices companywide? What could GM have done differently?Here are some guidelines and tips for your analysis:Do not just restate case facts. Rather, you should use information from the case to support your analysis, which should be explicitly based upon concepts learned from the course thus far.Make sure you clearly define and explain specific concepts and frameworks.You may organize the paper how you see fit, but please include a brief introduction and conclusion. The use of headers may help in organizing your analysis.Formatting requirements:The write-up should be three to four pages, double spaced. This does not include the title page.All text should be double spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1 inch page margins.You may not use or search for any outside information. All you need is the textbook, lecture notes, and case itself. Do not use verbatim text (use quotes if you are referring to a specific passage in the case or textbook, but quoted passages should be used sparingly). All papers will be automatically run through software.