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1. Participants-How many participants were involved in the study?

What were their relevant characteristics (age, gender, race, etc.)?

How were they recruited? If theyre animals how were they be cared for?

Provide additional information for clarity.

2. Materials-What materials or instruments were used in the experiment?

What ingredients were needed to run your study (tests, gadgets, specific technology, etc.)? This is where you will include various biopsychology methods and how they were used (again, pretending that you actually completed the study)

3. Design-Explain the design of the experiment and why that was the best design for your study (might be an experimental study or observational study… etc). Provide a clear desrption of all procedures that were followed in the study. What were the groups? Was there a manipulation to controlled variables?

Provide the steps of the study in chronological order for the reader.

4. Results- Write a paragraph or two about what the results of your study were. These will be hypothetical results but you will still write them in past tense as if you actually did the study.

Discussion (2-4 pages): In this section you are reflecting on different aspects of the research, as if you actually did it! This will also be written in past tense as if you completed the study! Include the following:

1. Elaborate on your findings, did you find significant results?

What does that mean? Did you find non-significant results? What does that mean?

2. Discuss how your study followed APA ethical guidelines by discussing the use of an informed consent form, debriefing statement, deception, and obtaining IRB permission.

3. Discuss any limitations in your study (e.g., possible confounding, lack of random assignment or random sampling, etc.)

4. Conclude with a discussion of future studies that could arise from your study