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Please see files attached and edit anything that is missing. Please read all the files attached. I have attached a sample proposal on how it is supposed to read after it is completed. Please ask if you have any questions

For this final project, you will be crafting the remaining sections of your proposal and combining them with the sections presented in your midterm project. Write the aim of your project in the PICOT Format. The remaining sections are the abstract, methods, evaluation, and conclusion. The specific expectations for each section and for formatting your midterm project are discussed below.

Total length: 10-12 pages (not including title page or bibliography)
The number of pages required for each section is flexible. However, your literature review must comprise 4-5 pages of the total proposal.

Due date for finished final proposal: .

Your final proposal must contain the following elements:
A title page with the title of your project, your name, location of project, instructors names, and date of submission.
No more than 250-350 words. Provide a broad overview of your entire proposal, with particular focus on your projects purpose, your methodology, and your evaluation plan.
Introduction (see midterm assignment) & Aim of the Project: Aim of your project must be written in the PICOT format.
Literature Review

Project Objectives
**You may use language from your midterm project as you build sections 3-5, but be judicious in doing so. You are expected to incorporate the feedback received on your midterm project into your final work, to make your final proposal more effective.**
What will be your specific means of achieving project objectives? Be as precise as possible.
Describe in logical sequence the steps you will take to achieve each objective. Specify: all people, locations, and institutions involved; all resources you will use; and the timetable of your project.
Identify any constraints that may hinder your achievement of each objective.
For each anticipated constraint, propose at least one reasonable overcoming strategy.
Evaluation / Presentation of Results
Explain how your projects success/completion will be evaluated. Describe the specific criteria by which you will judge the project, and specify the measures and evidence you will use to determine whether the project has successfully met these criteria.
Be as specific as possible. Your audience expects accountability.
Indicate how the results will be disseminated to those involved or potentially interested in your projects outcomes (e.g. advisor, other students, etc.).

Summarize the previous sections, with emphasis on the overall purpose and need/importance of your proposed project.

Proposals submitted without a bibliography will NOT be accepted.
The sources you use should be scholarly. These include academic journal articles or books, reference works, government publications. Blogs, Wikipedia, personal web pages, or opinion pieces are typically NOT scholarly. When in doubt, ask me.
Follow APA guidelines for all formatting and citations.