What would you recommend to PPS? Why? Explain and support your answer.


Write (200-300) words about the company’s background.


b. When you use material from different sources, make sure that you include




c. Make sure that you paraphrase any content used from other sources as plagiarized


work that exceeds 20% will not be marked.


d. Make sure that your assignment is organized and well presented.


e. Use the following Assignment layout for guidance.


2) Successive pages:


– Company Background,


– Question …. Answer; Question…. Answer….


4) Please abide by the following guidelines:


a. Font style: Times New Roman


b. Font size: 12 points


c. Line spacing: 1.5


d. Headings Answer each question separately with proper sub-headings


e. Apply a proper referencing style (APA, or Harvard). Be consistent.