The sea Turtle is endangered!!!!!!!

If you think our garbage only affects the surface of the earth, then you’re wrong this garbage also impacts our sea, too, although, We have already mentioned our land, the ones that are still suffering are marine turtles. In addition to the beauty of the beach, dirt is as matter of fact also harmful to local animals, such as sea turtles. Part of their food is jellyfish, and when sea turtles see plastic bags floating in the water, they look at them like jellyfish, try to eat them, suffocate and die. : Cities have begun planning to conserve turtles and begin the collection of coastal wastewater.
The causes of turtle extinction are similar to those of other animal species. Development destroys their natural habitats, some are exposed to pollution and disease, and others are harmed by the illegal trade of turtles as pets or as a food source.
What’s more, the state of Hawaii has decided to fight plastic cutlery on its beaches. However, this is more challenging and much more urgent than the collection of marine litter. Getting plastic out of the oceans is a big issue. Right now, it’s impossible. Every year we expect about 8.8 million tons of plastic to be dumped in the sea. They are on their way to turning our oceans into a thick layer of floating plastic