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When and where was your artifact produced?

Write an artifact analysis over Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Please think about the following questions in your paper: -When and where was your artifact produced? -Why was your artifact made and for whom (who was the audience)? -What was the historical context? -What did the artifact mean to the intended audience? -How does the artifact communicate meaning? Consider technique, style, symbolism, etc. In addition to in-text citations, please include a bibliography or works cited page at the end. There is no minimum nor maximum number of sources required. Please cite where you are getting your information from immediately after a quote, and then at least once per paragraph even when you are not directly quoting. [UPSELL_BEGIN] digital_copies_of_sources_used = 0 plagiarism = 0 pref_writer = 0 urgent_writer_assign = 0 version = 4; Technical line. Don’t touch! [UPSELL_END]