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2A. Which chromosome is your gene of interest encoded on? (/0.5)

2B. What is the base range of the gene (i.e. where exactly is it located? (/0.5)

2C. Which strand is your gene of interest encoded on? (/0.5)

2D. What is/are the gene name(s) and function(s) for the genes upstream and downstream of your gene? (/1)

2E. What is the total number of chromosomes for your model organism? (You may have to find this information from another source). (/0.5)

2F. Prepare figure 1 by taking a screen capture of your gene of interest as depicted in the Genome Context section (see example in figure 5). When preparing the figure caption, include enough relevant information for understanding the figure. (/3)

2G. The Bibliography section provides a list of research papers involving your gene of interest. Provide a citation (APA format) for the first paper listed in this section. Click HERE to for help with APA formatting (/1.5)