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The company asked you to analyse the data collected and produce a report that can help them to improve the overall satisfaction of existing customers. In particular, they are interested in addressing the following questions:

How well do the key factors that were measured in the survey (i.e., User experience, Purchase frequency, Sustainability, Product quality, Price) predict customers satisfaction?
Which is the best predictor of customers satisfaction?
The brand managers have also asked you to write a brief background section on the issues that the eyewear industry is facing nowadays. They also want you to review the existing academic literature on brand alliances with the aim to create partnerships to attract new customers.
You will formalize your response to this brief in a written report of 2500 words.


Your report should include the following sections:
1. Executive Summary: this section introduces the main issues, outlines the conclusions from analyses, and details the main recommendations (not included in the wordcount).
2. Introduction and background (approx. 500 words): briefly summarise the research problem, the research questions and write a brief background on the issues that the eyewear company is facing nowadays. (e.g., threats, opportunities, economic, social factors etc). The aim is this section is to clarify what you are doing and to justify why the research problem is important. Focus on using 4 to 6 market research reports:
1- https://video.alexanderstreet.com/watch/market-research?utm_campaign=Video&utm_medium=MARC&utm_source=aspresolver
2- https://www-mrs-org-uk.libproxy.kcl.ac.uk/resources/ijmr
6- from you .
or leading industry publications (e.g. reports and white papers from leading consultancy firms). Avoid generic internet sources as your grade will be penalized.

3. Brief review of the literature on brand alliances (approx. 500 words): now focus on the academic literature and discuss previous studies on brand alliances What are the key antecedents of brand alliances? What are the effects of brand alliances? Overall, why are brand alliances important according
to the academic literature? We are not expecting an extensive literature review.