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Use Method I to make one argument for and one

against abortion.


. Which of the positions under Method II does each of

the following statements exemplify?

a. Because this fetus has all the potential to develop

the abilities of a person, it has all the rights of a


b. Only when a being can think and communicate

does it have full moral status. Because a fetus

does not have these abilities, it has neither moral

rights nor claims.

c. If a fetus is a human being, then it has full moral

status and rights.

d. Its capacity to feel pain gives a being full moral

status. The fetus has this capacity beginning in

the fifth or sixth month, and so abortion is not

morally justifiable beyond that stage.

e. Early-term fetuses do not have as much

moral significance as later-term fetuses

because their potential is not as fully realized as

it is later.