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Paper details:
Good afternoon,

I need help with carrying out an analysis of 119 journal articles (list attached). This is a part of a larger systematic literature review for a dissertation. What I need assistance with:
1. Theory:
– which theories were used by researchers, how were they used and in which sources?
2. Context:
– which industries were researched?
– where was research conducted (countries)?

What I am looking for specifically can be found on pages 182-186 of the sample literature review (file name chen2021.pdf) that I attached.

Additionally, I will need three tables:
1. Table on theories (see Table 2 in the attached journal article),
2. Table on industries (see Table 3 in the attached journal article),
3. Table on countries (see Table 4 in the attached journal article).

P.S. If you have problems finding any of the sources that are listed – please, let me know. If it is inaccessible, it may need to be removed from the set.