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. Reread the Country Focus “Is China Manipulating Its Currency in


Pursuit of a Neo-Mercantilist Policy?”


a. Do you think China is pursuing a currency policy that can be


characterized as neo-mercantilist?


b. What should the United States, and other countries, do about this?


6. Reread the Country Focus “Moving U.S. White-Collar Jobs Offshore.”


a. Who benefits from the outsourcing of skilled white-collar jobs to


developing nations? Who are the losers?


b. Will developed nations like the United States suffer from the loss of


high-skilled and high-paying jobs?


c. Is there a difference between the transference of high-paying whitecollar jobs, such as computer programming and accounting, to


developing nations, and low-paying blue-collar jobs? If so, what is the


difference, and should government do anything to stop the flow of


white-collar jobs out of the country to countries such as India?