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Who enacted these policies (ex. John Graves Simcoe)?

 Letter #1: “Dear Canada” A Policy Advisory Letter Please revisit the letters read during Week 2, Letters to America, to help you draft your final project letters. Part One: “Dear Canada” Examine 1-2 government policies that affected Black people in Canada (These can be acts, legislations, statutes and/or policies) These policies must have been discussed in the course texts, films, and/or What’s the Tea? Provide the full name and year of each policy Ex: The Multicultural Act of 1988 or Act to Limit Slavery in Upper Canada 1793 Define the policy and/or policies by answering the following questions (in 5-10 sentences): Who enacted these policies (ex. John Graves Simcoe)? What were the conditions/situations that brought it about? For what purpose was the legislation enacted? Who was the beneficiary of the policy? Who was negatively impacted? What effect did the policy have on Black people in Canada and elsewhere if applicable?