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Who has the most influence within the play?

“Who has the most power/influence overall in the play (just because a character is dead or has a certain status, does not necessarily mean they lost their power or influence totally)? Who has the most influence within the play? How can this influence be proven? Explain using evidence whose influence impacts other characters and their actions the most” this is option 2 of the essay and the one I am picking basically, I need a 3-page minimum argumentative essay about the person with the most power/influence in Shakespeares’ play “Julius Caesar”. I personally was thinking of Julius Ceasar himself to be the most powerful in the play but if you the writer deems it not to be so, please feel free to pick any character you want (it really doesn’t matter to me). (Dont worry about the stuff about the last name and teachers name in the file I attached ill do that myself once I receive the paper)